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Wine, Women and Words

Apr 29, 2018

Join us in a special Sunday episode of Wine, Women and Words as we chat with Karen Swan about her book The Paris Secret.


Apr 25, 2018

Join us as we chat with Sean Patrick Traver, author of The Red Witch and Wraith Ladies Who Lunch, about his books and the LA Festival of Books (which is upcoming at the time of this recording).

Diana and Michele also discuss our book of the month "The Paris Secret" by Karen Swan and laments her recent bad luck...

Apr 18, 2018

Holly Kammier author of Choosing Hope and Kingston Court and friend of Wine, Women and Words comes back to chat about her first book Kensington Court. 


Apr 7, 2018

Join us as we talk about our latest book of the month The Paris Secret We get to see Michele be a working mom first hand We also discuss our favorite Paris books and experiencesSign up for our newsletter to get updates on new and events for Wine Women and Words httpsmailchimpc34642ad6c59winewomenandwords