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Wine, Women and Words

Aug 4, 2020

Author Elise Hooper discusses the amazing female athletes and history behind "Fast Girls" and shares some details of her next historical fiction novel. 

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Jul 22, 2020

Debut author Dina Gregory joins the show to discuss "Love at the Threshold," the journey she experienced while writing this non-fiction work and La Befana, a beloved figure in Italian folklore. Diana and Michele continue their discussion on "Fast Girls."

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Jul 14, 2020

Debut author Katherine St. John discusses the complexities of friendship and being a "puzzle master" (aka thriller writer) in this week's episode of Wine, Women & Words. 


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Jul 8, 2020

Debut author Danielle Harrington joins Wine, Women & Words to discuss her book "The Diseased Ones," which prompts a serious discussions about which super powers we'd want if we had our pick. Diana & Michele also chat about the impending research rabbit hole surrounding the August book of the month, "Fast Girls" by Elise...

Jun 29, 2020

Join us as we chat with our author of the month, Stephanie Storey about her book Raphael, Painter in Rome. We discuss Italian history, writing and how Raphael truly died.